Never alone with BigPurplePhone.

NEW! Introducing the no fandangle, easy-to-use Australian smartphone for seniors. BigPurplePhone® has simple functionality and big buttons to make connecting with loved ones easy.

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The "No fandangle" smartphone for seniors

  • Easier to see with big buttons and bigger text

    Easier to see with big buttons

    BigPurplePhone is ideal for vision impaired or those who find busy screens overwhelming.

  • Medical alert call button on the phone

    Emergency SOS Button

    They don't always take their pendant with them - but they do take their mobile phone.

  • Ideal for dementia and alzheimers

    Seniors Dementia phone

    BigPurplePhone is the ideal smartphone for Dementia & Alzheimer's sufferers.

  • Image of Francis and her mum

    "Mum just needs a simple phone for calling and texting when she is out and about."

    Francis from Canberra has ordered her Mum a BigPurplePhone

  • Steve from Bega Valley and his Dad

    "Dad isn't on social media and he is missing out on seeing the grandkids. The kids get the BigPurplePhone App on their mobiles so they can safely video chat and share photos and it is fun for everyone."

    Steve from Bega Valley says he wants the best for his Dad

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  • BigPurplePhone  | Talk&Text

    BigPurplePhone | Talk&Text

    ✔ Simplified BigPurplePhone with talk and text

    ✔ Big button phone, 48MP camera

    ✔ Unlimited^ National calls & SMS*

    ✔ SOS Emergency Alert and emergency contacts

    ✔ Phone, Messages, Camera, Photos, Covid check-in, Vaccination status

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We understand your senior probably prefers something they can see and touch like a printed brochure. Family members may like to see the BigPurplePhone too. We can send links to demos, flyers and also chat on the phone. We are here to help!

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