BigPurplePhone is perfect for when you need your phone to just be a phone.

Simple, Safe & Secure

NEW! Introducing the no fandangle, easy-to-use Australian smartphone.

BigPurplePhone® has simple functionality and big buttons to make connecting with loved ones easy... without all the "fandangle" of a regular phone!

  • BigPurplePhone home screen showing Phone and Messages and SOS icons

    Big Buttons

    Simple, big buttons for talk, text, camera and SOS.

  • Easy Contacts

    Our secure list means no scammers.

  • Big Dial Pad

    Loud sound and haptic pulse perfect for hearing and vision.

  • Simple, clear notifications

    Sick of all the pop ups and beeping on your phone?

  • Big, easy keyboard

    No more 'hunting' for characters in hidden layers.

  • SOS Button

    Don't like the idea of a pendant? Not many people do!

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We're different in a very good way

Other mobile companies will sell you a SIM plan, post it to you then leave you to deal with a QR code and overseas call centre.

Our local team are here to help - we even insert the SIM for you and deal with Telstra on your behalf.

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  • Aussies who understand your unique needs.

    Local Australian Customer Support Team. We deal with Telstra and completely set your phone and SIM up.

  • Designed so it is easy to see, hear and use.

    We have the easiest to use smartphone on the market - especially designed for simplicity.

  • Telstra 4G mobile coverage, and Nokia reliability

    Enjoy premium Telstra coverage with Unlimited national calls, SMS, MMS, all the data you need*^ and quality Nokia hardware.

  • No Scam Calls or Texts

    Vulnerable people can be easily scammed. Our secure callers list means only trusted people can contact the phone to chat, share and video call.

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Our 5 Star Reviews Speak for Themselves!

"I love my new BigPurplePhone which provides a simple and safe way to interact with friends and family without the intrusion of unwanted callers. It has been a constant communication tool that I rely on!"

Sheryl, BigPurplePhone Customer May 2022

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Enquire about how we can help your loved one stay connected. We can also help you purchase with your Home Care Package or NDIS Plan (depending on eligibility).

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