About BigPurpleCare

BigPurpleCare is perfect for those who find call centres and phone administration a challenge.

BigPurpleCare for Family&Friends


Your BigPurplePhone monthly subscription includes your SIM card and it also comes with our amazing BigPurpleCare Support.  

Other providers just post you a SIM card and send you on your way with a QR code, leaving you to figure out how to use their app. This is not at all helpful for those that are vulnerable or find technology too much.

BigPurplePhone has an Aussie team here in NSW to help those who struggle with technology with everything from inserting the SIM^* to help with using the phone... and so much more!


Just look below for all that is included with BigPurpleCare

BigPurpleCare for Talk&Text

  • Break & Fix  - valued at $10 per month
  • SOS Medical Alert - valued at $25 per month
  • GPS Location Service - valued at $10 per month
  • Telstra Faults Concierge Service 
  • No Spam Calls Filter
  • Free Software upgrades done remotely 
  • Keep your old number or get a new one


And for Family&Friends Customers additional services:

  • Remotely Manage with Carer and Family Apps 
  • Medication Reminders - valued at $5 per month
  • Private Secure social network - valued at $10 per month

^*Refer to BigPurplePhone | Critical Information Summary for full plan details