Say goodbye to scammers

BigPurplePhone has no spam, no scammers and no hoax callers or texts. It is one of the best features of our phones!

no spam, no phishing, no unwanted calls and texts

When you add any Contact to a BigPurplePhone, the Contact is added to your personal permitted callers list. Only the people you add to the BigPurplePhone are able to call or send a message to your Senior Loved One. This is a feature of all our phones.

Is the Video Chat also free of scammers?

Yes, if you choose our Family&Friends Edition this also extends to video calling. Other chat platforms such as WhatsApp and Telegram are rife with scammers, but with BigPurplePhone your senior is safe from those who aim to cause them harm.

How do Family&Friends access the Video Chat?

When you add a Contact to the Famly&Friends App, you are given the choice to send them an invite to download the App too. Once they login to the App they can also securely video chat with your Senior Loved One and no scammers can get in.  Read more about the BigPurplePhone App.

What happens to someone if they call and are not on the Permitted Callers List?

They are treated like any other blocked caller and your Senior will not be disturbed by them.

What if I have a doctor or other professional?

You can add friends, family, professionals - both landlines and mobiles - to your permitted callers list.

Can silent numbers call the BigPurplePhone?

Many scammers use silent numbers too. If your Contact has a silent number, add the silent number to the BigPurplePhone so they are a permitted caller. When they dial your Senior Loved One, the caller can enter the code to reveal the silent number. Dial 1832 (or *31# from a mobile) first and then call the BigPurplePhone. We recommend your Friend saves the BigPurplePhone phone number in their contacts with the code so it always works.