Family & Friends App

When you buy a BigPurplePhone for your senior, we deliver the phone to them all set up, ready to use. You get access to the BigPurplePhone Family & Friends App. 
Using the app you can manage your senior loved one's BigPurplePhone remotely, and use it to communicate with them.
You can do the following activities on the BigPurplePhone Family&Friends App.
  • Video call your senior loved one
  • Share, Like and comment on photos with your senior
  • Set up contacts for your loved one's phone
  • Invite others to your seniors BigPurplePhone Family&Friends secure network
  • Manage payments
  • Nominate emergency contacts, health professionals and admins for the account
  • Set reminders for birthdays and anniversaries for your senior
  • Set daily alarms and reminders for things such as taking medication
  • Set their preferences for music, radio and news
  • Upload their Vaccination certificate
  • Upload an image of their Covid card (if applicable in your state)
  • You can also turn on and off the features on your loved one's BigPurplePhone

To phone and SMS your senior, you use your phone and SMS features on your smart phone as you would call or SMS anyone else.

BigPurplePhone Family & Friends Network

Setting up your senior's Family & Friends network is easy and doesn't take too long. We recommend you have no more than 30 contacts in your senior's BigPurplePhone so it is not overwhelming for them.

We have designed the contacts on the BigPurplePhone so that typing is minimised. Your senior can tap or scroll through familiar faces when wanting to communicate. For this reason we ask you include a good quality photo of each contact.

The following shows the process for setting up the BigPurplePhone Family & Friends network for your senior.

Setting up your senior's Family&Friends network