Shipping and Delivery

Delivery & Returns

Once you have placed an order, you will receive:

  • An Order Confirmation email and
  • A link via SMS to download the BigPurplePhone Family& Friends App on your mobile phone.

You will easily set up your Senior Loved One's phone remotely from the BigPurplePhone Family& Friends App. It takes less than 10 minutes and is a little like having the settings for your Loved One's phone on your phone, but so much easier and more fun. You will also be able to video call them, share photos and manage their reminders and contacts from your app.

You can also invite Friends &  Family, Carers and Health Professionals to be a part of your loved one's Family & Friends network. In turn other Family & Friends can invite more people to the loved one's circle.

Once you have completed your Seniors' set up we configure the BigPurplePhone for your Senior, insert their SIM card and set up their phone number and deliver the phone to address you specify when placing your order. BigPurplePhone uses Startrack for delivery.

You will receive a Shipment Notification email with carrier and tracking information and link. The tracking number allows you to track the progress of your order by visiting Startrack's website and following the prompts to input your tracking number.

As the person that purchased the BigPurplePhone for your Senior, you have Primary Family Administrator permissions. Only you have access to Billing and shipping information. 

Should you have any order or delivery questions, please email us at or call BigPurplePhone Support on 02 8660 1390.