SOS Emergency Call Button

Know your senior is safe when out and about 

Calling Triple Zero from a locked screen with a regular smartphone in an emergency situation can be complicated, and many medical alarms only work in the home.

BigPurplePhone medical alert activated by the SOS Emergency Call Button

There is a red icon on the top right of the phone screen which activates the emergency sequence, including notifications. You will receive a notification that your senior has pressed the SOS Emergency Call Button, and you also receive the location of your senior via a notification on your mobile. You can also add others to the emergency contact list - up to 4 people can receive the emergency notification. 

What if the SOS button is accidentally pressed?

It can happen. There is a 15 second countdown where the call can be cancelled before it is connected and notifications are sent. 

Can they still dial 000?

Yes. If they use the phone dialler they will make the call, but the notifications will not be sent.

Your senior's emergency contacts

When an emergency arises, it is a lot for a person in the crisis to manage to call 000. To then call next of kin or neighbours is sometimes a step too much. By setting emergency contacts for your loved one, they don't have to worry about letting you know they are in an emergency. We do that for them. 

Remote access to the phone

Our team and you have remote access to your loved one's phone. In the event of loss we can locate it (so long as the phone is turned on). We can also remotely cancel or pause the SIM.

No swiping to unlock the phone

Modern smartphones often rely on a swiping motion to unlock the phone, or to remember complicated manoeuvres to unlock. Many find this a challenge particularly when in an emergency situation. 

Facial recognition does not always work, at times leaving seniors locked out of their phones.

If the phone is lost or stolen, just give us a call and we can suspend it for you from the day you contact us. Because it is part of a secure network with limited functionality, anyone who steals the phone is limited in what its use is to them.

Because there is no banking, email or app store, there is also limited useful information and content to appeal to a malicious actor should the phone go missing. If there is misadventure, we have remote access to your loved one's BigPurplePhone and can secure it remotely when it is requested by you.