Choose your BigPurplePhone

Whether are looking for a simple Talk&Text phone or easy-to-use video and sharing with Family&Friends we have the no spam, no scam calls phone to suit your client or loved one.

  • BigPurplePhone | Talk&Text

    BigPurplePhone Talk&Text is perfect for someone who needs a simple phone to simply make calls and send and receive text messages. No fandangle - just Talk&Text. 

    • Phone calls
    • Text messages
    • Option to speak a text message
    • Extra large keyboard and dialpad
    • SOS button
    • Torch
    • Camera and photo gallery
    • Help button
    • Secure Callers Contact List

  • BigPurplePhone | Family&Friends 

    All the easy-to-use BigPurplePhone features PLUS our Family&Friends App with remote management of your BigPurplePhone, secure family social network and one-click video calls. Share, comment and like photos, live local help button, SOS and more!

    All the Talk&Text features plus:

    • Video chat
    • Family&Friends App
    • Remote manage for Carer
    • Photo sharing and commenting
    • Optional even larger icons
    • Ability to turn off features
    • Radio
    • Music
    • Medical reminders