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If your loved one has a fault and needs help from Telstra we deal with them for them (and you!). If your senior experiences difficulty, they can use the Help button* and one of our friendly customer care team members will be there to assist. Whether its working out a feature on the phone, or logging a fault we will see the problem through for them.

"I was always getting calls from Dad when he could not work his phone out. It was impossible to figure out what he had done over the phone. He would have to wait until I could come around and help"
- Barry




From porting over their number to inserting the SIM card, it's all done by us

When you buy a BigPurplePhone we port over their number (or organise a new number if you prefer). We insert the SIM card into your BigPurplePhone, put it in the protective lilac phone case, we even stick the screen protector on for them and charge it before it leaves our warehouse.

When you buy a BigPurplePhone you will receive a SMS on your mobile phone with a link to the BigPurplePhone Family & Friends App. This is a link especially for you and your loved one. You download the app and we walk you through the set up. It takes as little as 10 minutes.

Read more about the BigPurplePhone Family & Friends App


When your senior's BigPurplePhone arrives

When their BigPurplePhone arrives it is charged, SIM card in and phone number set up. Their contacts are also in too.


When the phone arrives with your loved one, they can lift the easy-to-open lidYour loved one can sit and enjoy a cuppa and a tim tam on us while they flick through the very easy to understand welcome booklet. and turn on the phone on and they are good to go.

The kit comes with a very easy to flick through Welcome booklet and Welcome letter. We even include individually wrapped TimTam and Twinings Tea bag to encourage them to take a moment and enjoy the unboxing experience and to get to know their new phone.



Technical help and support with Telstra is a major part of the BigPurplePhone service


Want to know more?

Why not join a webinar or chat to one of our team on the chat box on the bottom right of this screen about how the BigPurplePhone can help your senior. 



*Subject to BigPurplePhone Fair Usage Policy