About Us

James and Libby Henderson started BigPurplePhoneⓇ so that they could easily video chat Libby's elderly mother when they were separated for many months during the Covid pandemic. As they began the process of designing the phone they found there were so many other ways modern phone design ignores the needs of the elderly, particularly those at the early stages of Dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

Libby's mum with BigPurplePhone

BigPurplePhone is now embarking on an exciting journey to change the way technology is created for our elderly loved ones. Launched in April 2022 the BigPurplePhone team is excited to grow the offering and service in the years to come.

Modern phone design can be alienating with poor usability, small fonts, poor visibility and design conventions that challenge older, disabled and some CALD people. This causes a sense of isolation, a loss of confidence and well being. We sincerely hope we can change the lives of many for good with BigPurplePhone.

Regional, Australian and family-owned

BigPurplePhone is a small business located in the beautiful Southern Highlands of NSW. When you call us, you are speaking with one of our local team members, or owners. We are not a large corporate, in fact we have worked with other local businesses to bring BigPurplePhone to life. 

Working with Telstra and Nokia

We may be small but we have some big companies behind us who have joined us in his journey and believe in what we are doing to provide for the needs of the people we are serving. We have consulted with accessibility experts with Service NSW, and have worked closely with Nokia to bring this phone to life. We are proud to be working with Telstra to deliver excellent coverage and service. 


  • Libby Henderson

    Libby Henderson - Commercial Director

    Libby brings her usability, digital design and marketing acumen to the team.

    She has written digital strategies for Nestle, Unilever, CommBank, CommSec, Rothschild, JS Sainsburys, News Ltd, Amex, Compaq, Best&Less and many more.

    As Head of Interactive Media for Fitch, London (Top 3 UK Brand Consultancy) and USWeb she led the team that launched debenhams.com and a pioneering interactive TV interface for Sony. She wrote the Digital Marketing program for OpenColleges in 2015.

    In 2011 Libby leveraged her passion for branding and created lean ecommerce beauty business Gelicious which she sold in 2018. 

    Libby was appointed to the role of Adviser to Hon Scott Morrison PM in 2018 and has operated as a business coach through the Department of Industry and Business Australia.

  • James Henderson - Technical and Operations Director

    James has been involved in the ICT industry for over 20 years having worked in both large and small enterprise. His experience has given me a broad spectrum of knowledge and expertise that has yielded a multi-disciplinary approach to his work.

    James has deep skills in Telecommunications, Healthcare Technology, Wireless Systems, Mobility, Open Standards and Data Management

    Customer service, simplicity, value and open standards drive his thinking.

    BigPurplePhone’s vision is to create an IOT gateway in the home so that people can live independently longer. James brings his passion and post graduate studies in IOT to the business.