Finally, a mobile phone designed for seniors suffering Dementia, Alzheimer's

"No fandangle"

BigPurplePhone is the ideal mobile phone for dementia sufferers. A true senior's mobile, BigPurplePhone is uncomplicated and what we call 'no fandangle".

Many of the tasks on are designed to be achieved with as little as one or two clicks. A person with dementia may have trouble with all steps involved in familiar tasks, so we have simplified the steps as much as possible. 

Memory loss that affects day-to-day function

According to Dementia Australia, "It's normal to occasionally forget appointments or a friend's phone number and remember them later. A person with dementia may forget things more often and not remember them at all."

We have set up Contacts so that they are accessible by a photo with a name. They click on the phone icon and then a picture and they are connected.

Buttons with labels

The phone case has labels for the POWER, VOLUME and EMERGENCY SOS BUTTON on the outside of the phone. All the icons on the phone have clear labels so seniors can be confident of what each button does without having to remember.

Confusion and difficulty with abstract thinking

A person with dementia may have trouble knowing what numbers mean, making passcodes difficult and banking risky and distressing. For this reason BigPurplePhone 

A person with dementia may have difficulty finding their way to a familiar place, or feel confused about where they are. BigPurplePhone is designed with colour so that it helps orientate the user to the task they are performing. 

Remote access helps with misplacing their phone

Anyone can temporarily misplace a wallet or keys. A person with dementia may put things in inappropriate places. If your loved one's BigPurplePhone is lost our customer care team can help locate it's last known location.




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