BigPurplePhone Fault Report


2.24pm Wednesday, 28th February 2024


Further investigation has determined a connectivity issue in an internal system affecting the Live Application occurred affecting 68 customers. This was an unprecedented event. It is not suspected that there was any malicious activity involved.

Action Taken to Restore:
Once it was established we were able to bring the affected customers back online with no technical or customer interventions required by 11.55am on Monday 26th February. 
Less than 15 customers required an additional support call to bring their phones back into operation. These were completed by 7pm later that day.

Customer communication
At 10.48am an email notification was sent to our customer base to advise them a number of our customers were affected. At 11.49 a second email advising the issue had been resolved was sent along with an apology and an offer of a credit for the downtime experienced (or refund depending on the payment method) for those affected. The credit is calculated at 0.76c for our Talk&Text customers and $1.54 for our Family&Friends customers for the downtime. We have decided to increase the refund/credit to $5 per customer to affected and are now processing these refunds/credits over the coming days.  



2.46pm Monday, 26th February 2024

Overnight a number of our customers reported their phones started powering on and then looping with the start up screen. A number of clients also reported they were unable to log onto our Administration App.

This fault has now been resolved and customers are again fully operational.


It's distressing to be out of touch and we completely understand the frustration this caused our customers who rely on their phones for safety and security. We are so very sorry. 

We are now going through the process of investigating why this fault occurred last night with our server and technical teams.  We do know at this stage there was a server error, however we are still investigating the precise cause of this error. Once we have established the precise cause, we will be working with our technical team to put in place measures to ensure this does not happen again. 


We will be applying credits to customers who have been affected by the fault for the time they were unable to use the phone (or issuing refunds depending on how the account is paid) over the coming days.


We have written to our active customer base today to keep them advised of the fault, its resolution and the credit.


We both would like to again apologise profusely for the disruption to your service if you or your loved one was affected by last night's fault. We care deeply that we provide a quality and reliable service and are personally devastated this has occurred.


We will update this page with any further information.


Yours sincerely,
Libby and James Henderson

CEO and Managing Director