When you just need a phone to be a phone.

Worlds Easiest Smartphone for $599 with Unlimited National Calls & our World Class Aussie Support from $29.90*^ per month. No lock-in contracts.
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  • Flat rate Shipping

  • 7 day trial

  • Local Support

  • No Lock-in Contracts

The features you need, simpified.

  • Phone

    Large dial pad and simple contact list
  • Messages

    Easy keyboard and optional Speak a Message
  • Camera

    Easy, labelled buttons and simple gallery
  • SOS Button

    Option to add in Emergency Contacts
  • No Spam

    Only secure contacts can call you (option)
  • Find My Phone

    GPS tracking service

Take photos
like a pro.

48 megapixel camera for quality shots with easy buttons

Charge less. 
Live more.

Reminders that are large enough to see and two day battery life.

Find My Phone

Phone lost of stolen? Call us and we can locate it and disable it if need be.

Easy to do simple things.

Everything is easy on the BigPurplePhone, even missed calls are simpler!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I keep my old mobile number?


We arrange it all for you. We deliver your new phone to you and at a time we agree with you we do the switch over. You don't have any downtime either so you won't be without a phone. 

Can I keep my old SIM?

No. We are a little bit different to a regular mobile phone.

Our phones work on a managed network - much like a fleet. We do this so we can help with the secure callers list, SOS, locating lost phones and upgrades.  We st your phone up before shipping: we activate the SIM and insert it for you so there isn't anything for you to do. 

Does BigPurplePhone have Email and Web Browsing?

Email and Web Browsing is coming in September 2023!

If you choose our Talk&Text edition, then no (it's just talk and text!) If you select the Family&Friends Edition, you will be glad to know web browsing and email are being added to our September 2023 release. You can order now and get started and we will add automatically to your phone as it is upgraded.

How Does BigPurplePhone stop Scammers calling me?

Your phone has an optional Private Callers List

You have the option to enable a Private Callers List on your BigPurplePhone Talk&Text Edition. When you do this, only the numbers you have saved on your BigPurplePhone can contact you. All other calls are blocked.

Why Choose Us

Wait for what?

Why put up with your complicated mobile phone any longer? Time to get a BigPurplePhone delivered to your door.