What's the difference?

BigPurplePhoneⓇ is quite different to a regular smartphone - it really is tailor made for seniors who struggle with technology. We have laid out the main differences for you below.

Compare BigPurplePhone

It can be difficult to select a smartphone for your elderly loved one. We can help you view the options and make a choosing a mobile use for your loved one easier. So how does BigPurplePhone compare to other smartphones?

Feature  BigPurplePhone  Other Smartphones
Big Buttons yes No
Big Text  yes Only if you turn it on
AA accessibility rates for contrast yes
Only if you turn it on
Tap Only Design  yes No
Emergency SOS Call Button yes No
Live chat help  yes  No
Keyboard designed specifically for seniors yes No


Whilst other phones do offer some functions to make them more user friendly for seniors, the fact is that many people who need those functions would not know how to activate them. BigPurplePhone has been designed with seniors in mind down to every detail. It's a phone that they don't have to be scared of using for fear of 'breaking something' because it's all simple, safe and secure. With only trusted contacts able to call in, the closed network will give you peace of mind that your loved one won't have to deal with unwanted calls.