We recommend BigPurplePhone Talk&Text

Based on your replies, we recommend our Talk&Text Edition. If you plan to use MyAgedCare or NDIS funds, then we also suggest you purchase BigPurpleCare.

You can add these to the Cart here on the website, complete the order and we will invoice you.

About BigPurpleCare

BigPurplePhone is only available for purchase with the $29.90 Monthly Subscription which includes two components:

  • Monthly Prepaid SIM
  • Monthly BigPurpleCare Support

It is only in rare circumstances that you can fund a SIM through MyAgedCare or NDIS.

But for many, BigPurpleCare is essential for managing IADLs and so BigPurpleCare may be funded for those who need assistance with their phones, and are assessed as such by their Allied Professional or Package Manager.

We recommend you purchase this annually to reduce administation overhead.

Once you have completed the purchase, we then contact the Client or their next of kin who then purchases the BigPurplePhone $15 monthly prepaid SIM.

Recommended Accessories and Options