Tech Buddies

TechBuddies. Tech help. Safe, Secure and Straight Away

NEW Trusted Technical Support with Tech Buddies by BigPurplePhone.

Do you need help with your phone or computer? We are here to provide TRUSTED LOCAL technical support.

We offer trusted remote support and technical help no matter the device! 

• Mobile phones
• Laptops
• Internet connectivity
• Desktops
• Modems 

If you are having trouble with any technology, our kind, trusted Australian staff can fix it for you without you leaving home, and without strangers coming to your home.

How does it work? 

We can often fix your computer over the phone within the first hour. In some cases it is easier for our technician to remotely access your computer and fix the fault for you while you watch them online. Only with your permission he will give you a code you enter into our secure website which allows our technician to access your computer. You can see all we are working on as we work on it. We don't access anything on you computer you cannot see.

How does it cost? 

A support call with one of our team is only $122+GST per hour or part thereof. We are cheaper than the largest home-based visit which start at an eyewatering $207.

When you call us our team member will take a security hold on your card for the first hour before putting you through to our technician. After your call, we will charge your credit card.

How is it safe and Secure?

Our staff are based locally here in the South Coast of NSW. They are not contractors, and they are hired and vetted by us. When you enter a remote session it is secured and monitored by our local team.

No fix. No charge!

If we can't fix your technical problem, we won't charge you!

Call us on (02) 8064-7717 for help today.