What is the Difference Between SilverFox and Talk&Text?






Latest Nokia mobile phone, 48 MP dual camera, 3 day battery life, 2 year warranty


Make phone calls using picture driven contact list or dial pad

Extra large, Accessible dial pad


BigPurplePhone Fleet

Your phone is personalised to you and is managed on our secure fleet of phones. This allows us to assist in remotely supporting your phone with software upgrades and support.

Internal only: Sign on registration on the handset. When you first sign into the phone the LO and PFA enter their details.





No Fandangle

All Menu Settings hidden so users don't get "lost" in phone Settings (volume is still available)

Optional Manage button for more able users to access limited settings




No pin on the phone

Option to set PIN for apps where security may be desired




Add, Save, Edit and Delete Contacts

Save Emergency Contacts

Optional hide edit contacts


Text Messages

Send text messages to saved contacts using the BigPurplePhone extra large Keypad, or Speak a Message using the large easy button. Speak your message and your phone will type the text for you.

Attach images (gif, jpeg or png) and send.


Red SOS button on every BigPurplePhone screen. Tap the button to send an SMS to emergency contacts with a google map of the phone’s location. A 10 second countdown commences and the the user is re-directed to the system dialer which can call 000 regardless of SIM or mobile data.


48 megapixel camera.

Photo Gallery

Like photos to be saved to the top of the list

Share photos via Carers Portal and Family&Friends Portal

No spam or unwanted calls or texts

BigPurplePhone can block all unwanted spam and hoax callers and texts by enabling the Safe Callers List. Ideal for people with vulnerability to being scammed. Your Safe Callers List can be enabled when you set up your phone and will block any call that is not from a saved Contact.

Enable or Disable Safe Callers List

SilverFox customers can enable All Calls or choose the Safe Callers List instantly via the Carers Portal. This can be enabled by visiting the Carers Portal at admin.bigpurplephone.com and selecting Phone > Settings > Safe Callers List.

This feature can be helpful when the All Calls are desired for a period of time to allow an expected call. The Safe Callers List can then be enabled again. This can be done unlimited times.








Simple button on the screen to turn on the torch

Brightness Control

Large slider for brightness control



Fly out menu to set volume and select ring tones


Telstra MessageBank

Easy, full screen voicemail notification is not easily missed. Simple one click call back feature

Enable or disable Voicemail on Portal




Speaker phone

Loud Speakerphone. 88 Decibels.

Set the phone so it always answers on Speakerphone



Large, full screen notifications for New Messages, Missed calls, Missed Video calls, low battery, reminders and new photos



Connect with WiFi (only with technical call to BigPurplePhone team)

Enable or disable wifi button remotely




Connect to Bluetooth (only with technical call to BigPurplePhone team)

Enable or disable Bluetooth button remotely



Carer's Portal

Carer portal so Carers can manage the phone remotely at admin.bigpurplephone.com


Family and Friends Portal

Securely and simple video call loved ones using our Family&Friends portal at my.bigpurplephone.com


Customer Care

Friendly, Australian customer care team

Help button on the phone direct to BigPurplePhone call centre
(manned 9-5 Mon-Fri EST, excluding public holidays and specified dates closed for holidays as promoted at http://bigpurplephone.com.au from time to time)



Access the Carer Portal via the optional “Manage” button on the BigPurplePhone. Option to hide or keep the Manage button on the BigPurplePhone



Find My Phone

View map of BigPurlpePhone's location via the Carer Portal.



Video Calls

One click video calls



One screen showing today’s weather and the weather for the week, geo located to the phone’s location



Simple one click radio stations. Select your favourite radio station. Simply tap to play the station and tap off.



Choose from 6 music genres. Alternatively choose to add Spotify or YouTube Music to your BigPurplePhone


Internet Browser

Browse from a secure list of secure sites



Login to MyGov

Note, MyGov sends a code when you sign in. If this is used, then the user will need to have the Safe Caller List disabled to receive the code.


State Government

Add a button to visit your local state services easily.


Vaccination Certificate

Upload a Vaccination Certificate


BigPurplePhone world

The BigPurplePhone world does not allow downloading or uploading files, sharing and other potentially harmful content. Blacklisted sites are blocked for harmful or adult content.


Disable unwanted buttons

Toggle off any buttons to make the BigPurplePjhone home simpler, providing only buttons for features you use




Select one of 5 additional WebApps to add to your BigPurplePhone. Select from Audible, Facebook
Facebook Messenger, Gmail, Google, Google Maps, Instagram, Menulog, MyGov, Outlook, Spotify, Uber, UberEats, WeChat,  Whatsapp, Yahoo!, YouTube, Youtube Music, Zoom, and the Service App or website for your State or Territory.

Note some of these are the websites may limited functionality.





Medical Reminders

Annual and Medical daily and weekly reminders


Low Vision Features

Large buttons and text

Extra very large home screen and Contact icons ideal for low vision

BigPurpleTalkTM speaks the home screen, phone and keyboard in text messages as you type

Enable Text to Speak for mild impaired vision

High Contrast dial screen AA Accessibility rated (Wc3 Convention)







Insert your own Sim Card (MicroSIM) or choose to purchase with a BigPurpleSIM & BigPurpleCare Subscription below and SAVE

If you choose to use your own SIM at least 5GB monthly data is recommended.