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BigPurplePhone | Talk&Text Edition

BigPurplePhone | Talk&Text Edition

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✔ Simplified BigPurplePhone with talk and text

✔ Big button phone, 48MP camera
✔ No spam or unwanted calls or texts
✔ Trouble with touchscreens? Easily tap or swipe
✔ Phone, Messages, SOS, Camera, Photos, Torch
 ✔ Latest Nokia 5G-ready mobile phone, 48 MP triple camera, 2 day battery life, 3 year warranty
✔ Keep your old mobile number or get a new one
✔ Friendly, Australian customer care team

Handset only.  After purchase we will send you a link for your client to set up the pre-paid monthly $29.90 subscription. BigPurplePhone only works with our monthly subscription.

^*Refer to BigPurplePhone | Critical Information Summary for full plan details

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Always read the Critical Information Summary, and Terms & Conditions when you buy.

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