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BigPurplePhone Family&Friends Annual Prepaid Subscription

BigPurplePhone Family&Friends Annual Prepaid Subscription

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Annual billing is perfect for clients that can't manage a monthly transaction or don't have a credit card, we can bill the account once a year, reducing the work load.

BigPurplePhone is a little different to other mobile phones. We manage the phones much like a fleet. We can locate a lost phone, upgrade and support the phone remotely, and provide a secure callers list. We provide the SIM, and insert it for your client. If they have a phone number they wish to keep we can arrange to port the number over to their BigPurplePhone for them.

Includes Prepaid Annual Unlimited^* National Calls, SMS, MMS and data SIM

BigPurpleCare covers:

  • Over the phone support so our vulnerable customers do not need to deal with call centres overseas.
  • Help button on the phone for Loved Ones to contact us for technial help
  • All our phones have an SOS Emergency button which sends an SMS to emergency contacts with GPS location as well as the option to dial 000. 
  • We support the software with upgrades and technical support
  • Fleet management - so we don't have the same problems with identifying people either when they call us - a huge benefit for many!
  • Family&Friends Administration App so the phone can be managed remotely by a Carer
  • Additional unlimited licenses to the Family&Friends App for your Contacts so they can video call and photo share with your Loved One.
  • GPS Location Service so if the phone is lost, we can assist with locating it's last known position
  • Finally, on the BigPurplePhone Family&Friends App you can set reminders for medication.

**Only available with BigPurplePhone Family&Friends Editon


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